was officially born in .......... Limassol, Cyprus.  

As Non Profit  / Non Governmental Organisation  "KEY-Innovation in Culture Education and Youth» is open to all who share its vision, goals and objectives. 

The organization consists of volunteers and individuals working for / with youth (youthworkers), 

who have extensive experience in formal issues, non-formal and informal learning, and organize local and international actions / programs.



Our values:


INNOVATION - CREATIVITY: ​promote innovation and creativity as a tool for social development and addressing various social issues.

VOLUNTEERING - ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP: promoting the values of volunteering and active citizenship and the promotion of lifelong non-formal learning.

DISSEMINATION: promote consolidation and dissemination of communication and solidarity between citizens of Member States of the European Union and its neighboring countries. CULTURE: promote of Cypriot tradition and Greek culture more broadly, at local and international level and encourage a sense of common European culture we share as citizens of Europe.

AWARENESS: create awareness of social problems, especially the youth and the promotion of inter generational interaction. Encourage the development of environmental consciousness.

ENCOURAGE - ASSIST: Providing assistance to individuals, groups and organized groups in education, culture and youth.

...unlocking dreams. All you need is KEY!


He is the perfect Cypriot... .

He knows what siga siga style (slowly slowly) means, but is the best one when there is work to do.

Guru of life and precious friends of all the volunteers here...

For us is enough luck to meet him, because he is the heart and the soul of KEY.


She is the most amazing woman in Cyprus.

Just one minute with her is enough to understand the vibes and the positive energy of KEY.

She is smart humanist and perfect friend for a life advice.

She showed us the best way to enjoy this experience in the little corner of haven called KEY.


We are the 8th generation of EVS Volunteers at KEY. We will stay in Limassol at least until September and why not even longer...?

and much more...


Previous Generation


18 years. Pisces. The youngest in the house. A theatre lover, cinema, psychoanalysis and, of course, the crepes, as a good french.Rookie french teacher, part-time cook, full-time energy.She was the first who arrived at our house and when she was waiting, she made a perfect plan for the coming months that we’ll never get to know. She is searching a way that will take her to the university while she decides which city to land.At KEY, she brings the YOUTH, the spontaneity.


29 years of experience endorse it. Leisure time manager, writing lover. Photographer more and more experienced. She brings us the temperance and rescues her child when she discovers a new challenge. She carries Czech printed blood in her DNA, but with the ice cream, she forgets it.She studied Business and Economics and to came to Limassol she left her job as the assistant of the Major and as a designer of NGO projects.Her project for KEY is to help others to pursue their dreams. Her key is EDUCATION. Specifically, about the environment and the love for the animals.


If you have never seen her, be careful, she has blue eyes as Cypriot sea, and she doesn’t know how to refuse beer. She is Xira, Spanish girl from Asturias.She is a journalist, no, She is a journalist and a political-science student! To understand how our World has become this big mess and what we can expect from the future… But it’s also with Xira, that you can learn the Spanish language (and the soul), and eat the best Tortillas ever.Ha!... And let me give you an advice: Bring with you any kind of chocolate. Definitely, the Key to success if you want to ask her something!In KEY she brings the CULTURE. Because she is a journalist and, look: the journalists are able to speak about all the things in the world, even if they have no idea about it.


But How can be a good EVS experience without the famous country of Carbonara? That is why Fabio, Italian boy from L’Aquila, is a very important part of the EVS puzzle.With him, we discovered how it’s possible to combine at the same time, the Man of the House and a nice princess…But, above all, Fabio is a drummer. If you want to browse the history of Rock and play it, you are in the right place. The right place too, if you are desperately looking for a musician partner for your ukulele…But he is also the graphic designer of the team. Great adept of  New Technologies, if he should bring only one thing to a deserted island this would be his smartphone… Let’s say the eternal Italian romanticism….His goal on KEY it’s, of course, the INNOVATION. Remember: he is our personal graphic designer.

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